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Special Thanks to the Lefferts L. & Margarete M. Mabie
Visual Arts Endowment

for funding of UWF Art Students video project

You Can Always Wear A Raincoat
(running time 7:56)
John Dougherty + Jorge Torrens | Pensacola, FL
A documentary on bike organizations in the American South.

Florida's Art in State Program

Half a percent of a new state building's cost is set aside for a selection of artwork for purchase or commission. A local committee is selected to vote/select an artist or artwork (more info). Here are some projects that the UWF Art Department helped administrate.Wonder Flight, Cecilia Lueza (St. Petersburg, Fl), 2009

Site-specific work in progress entitled "Mind in Motion" by Tucson, AZ artist John Davis. Scheduled date for installation February 2010.

“The concept takes a cue from robotics and uses a representation of a robotic arm in an arrangement that appears to be in motion, but momentarily stopped. A large wheel forms the source for the robotic arm and rides on one end of a curved “inclined plane”. The robot arm pulls on the opposite and end of the curved plane. The arrangement of the curved plane and the cylinder beneath is based on the lever and fulcrum principle of elementary physics. The curving of the plane appears to be result of the forces of the robot arm while the large wheel may be rolling off the plane if not for the arm. The sculpture becomes, in one sense, a display of various forces relating to physics, mechanics, and robotics. On one level this illustrates the “hands on” project based learning that is the approach of the new school. The linearity of the arm elements and the roundness of the disc and plank are in keeping with the zero/one language of computers and the building itself. The curvature of the plank echoes a segment of the series of arcs that form the nautilus-the symbol of the university.” John Davis

Revisions of Nature

Lauren Fogg
BFA Exit Exhibition
UWF Gallery of Art

"Rather than painting a landscape as I first witness it, I use the imprint of the experience it leaves behind, fusing this imprint with past images to paint what is both influenced by the places I have seen and what a painting will become on its own. These paintings are not of actual places; instead they allow a new place to form."

Gallery Hours: Tues-Thurs 10am-5pm